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Innolog PRO : Single use Temperature Data Logger


Innolog Pro temperature data logger, the ultimate choice for exporters in the food and pharmaceutical industries, with a focus on cold chain traceability!

This cutting-edge recorder offers unparalleled performance for data monitoring and logging, specifically tailored for the exportation of food and pharmaceutical products. What sets it apart is its advanced capability to ensure the traceability of the cold chain throughout the entire transportation process.

With the innovative Data Rescue Memory, recording remains active even when the device is not powered on, ensuring that crucial data related to temperature and environmental conditions is accurately logged. This feature is invaluable for maintaining the integrity and quality of perishable goods during export.

The Innolog Pro's robust design and easy-to-read PDF document generation, accessible without any additional software, make it a go-to tool for precise measurements and comprehensive data analysis. Streamline your data collection process, enhance product safety, and gain a competitive edge in the export market with the Innolog Pro - the preferred companion for exporters in the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

How it works

The Innolog Pro Recorder is designed for user convenience with its single-button operation to start and stop recordings. This straightforward functionality ensures easy use and eliminates complexity during data collection.

With two indicator lights - one for alarm alerts and the other for device status, the Innolog Pro efficiently communicates crucial information. The flashing patterns of these lights provide detailed insights, allowing users to identify alarm triggers and monitor the operational state of the device.

Experience seamless data logging with the Innolog Pro Recorder - the perfect companion for precise measurements and efficient communication during exportation. Keep full control and gain valuable insights effortlessly with this innovative recorder.

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Easy to manage


Data sheet

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