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Fresh and frozen food products


The majority of food products are highly sensitive to temperature variations. Furthermore, the significant distances between production and sales sites require intricate logistics, leading to a higher risk of cold chain disruptions during transportation. Adhering to the cold chain is vital to ensure the organoleptic and nutritional quality of food items, serving as a crucial component of food safety.

Innolog™ and Innotrack™ products, developed by Kelvin Solutions, serve as essential tools to monitor the temperature of food products throughout the entire cold chain and seamlessly integrate into the HACCP self-control system.

Ensure the integrity of your food products' quality and safety with Kelvin Solutions' temperature monitoring solutions - Innolog™,Innocheck™ and Innotrack™. Our advanced tools will assist you in maintaining an efficient cold chain, preserving the freshness and nutritional value of your products from production to consumption. By incorporating our dependable temperature monitoring solutions into your HACCP self-control system, you'll enhance food safety measures and compliance.

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