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Fresh and frozen food products

Ensuring Food Safety Through Cold Chain Integrity


The preservation of food quality is heavily reliant on maintaining consistent temperatures throughout the supply chain. Given the considerable distances between production and sales sites, logistics become increasingly complex, heightening the risk of cold chain disruptions during transportation. Adhering to the cold chain becomes paramount to safeguarding the organoleptic and nutritional integrity of food items, thereby ensuring food safety.

Innovative Temperature Monitoring Solutions by Kelvin Solutions

Kelvin Solutions addresses these challenges with our innovative temperature monitoring solutions, including the Innolog™ and Innotrack™ products. These essential tools are designed to monitor food product temperatures across the entire cold chain and seamlessly integrate into the HACCP self-control system.

With Kelvin Solutions' temperature monitoring solutions - Innolog™, Innocheck™, and Innotrack™ - you can confidently uphold the quality and safety of your food products. Our advanced tools assist in maintaining an efficient cold chain, preserving the freshness and nutritional value of your products from production to consumption. By incorporating our dependable temperature monitoring solutions into your HACCP self-control system, you'll not only enhance food safety measures but also ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

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Pharmaceutical logistics

Innolog™ and Innocheck™ products from Kelvin Solutions ensure compliant transport of heat-sensitive medicines.


Cold logistics

Kelvin Solutions data loggers: worldwide simplicity for reliable cold chain monitoring


Cut flowers and plants 

Kelvin Solutions provide plant & cut flower temperature monitoring with global PDF reporting.

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