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Welcome to Innotrack, the cutting-edge real-time temperature recorder that revolutionizes cold chain management. With unparalleled accuracy and advanced features, Innotrack ensures your shipments are monitored and protected throughout their journey. Discover how Innotrack sets a new standard for cold chain solutions, empowering businesses with full visibility, efficiency, and product safety.

Real-Time Data Capture and Transmission:

Innotrack captures and transmits shipment data in real time, offering unprecedented accuracy. Whether you need single or multi-use options, Innotrack provides reliable temperature and humidity monitoring to safeguard your valuable cargo.

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Global Cold Chain Solutions:

Innotrack offers a new generation of global real-time temperature monitoring, enabling you to track shipments worldwide. Powered by an Alkaline Non-lithium battery (optional), it eliminates IATA Dangerous Goods label requirements, ensuring hassle-free transportation.

Cloud-Based Traceability:

All data is securely stored in the cloud, providing comprehensive traceability for your shipments. Utilize the USB port for easy backup PDF data downloads, enhancing data management efficiency.

Full Cold Chain Visibility:

Through the cloud, Innotrack grants you full cold chain visibility, allowing real-time monitoring of location, temperature, light, and route. This level of insight ensures optimal transportation efficiency and minimizes product losses.

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Experience the future of cold chain management with Innotrack - the ultimate real-time temperature recorder. Enhance your logistics efficiency, minimize losses, and ensure product integrity with Innotrack's advanced capabilities. Take control of your shipments and trust in Innotrack for seamless, reliable, and professional cold chain solutions.

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24/7 Data Control and Analysis:

Innotrack empowers you with continuous data control and analysis. Effortlessly manage the quality and control of your products in-transit, thanks to real-time alerts via SMS, Email.

Enhanced Safety Features:

With support for weak light detection, Innotrack ensures the safety of your goods throughout the transportation process. Feel confident knowing your shipments are protected at all times.

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