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Cold logistics


Refrigerated transport plays an increasingly vital role in logistics due to the rise in volumes of temperature-sensitive goods, including pharmaceuticals, medical products, fresh and frozen produce, fruits and vegetables, flowers, and plants. As distances between production and consumption sites grow, logistics become more complex, requiring dedicated and insulated transportation and the management of various temperature requirements within a single shipment. Additionally, the ever more stringent legal environment necessitates the use of reliable and cost-effective cold chain monitoring.

To ensure the proper delivery conditions for temperature-sensitive products, accurate temperature measurement is essential throughout the entire transportation process, even within a single pallet or package. Comprehensive cold chain monitoring allows for an assessment of transportation consistency, including during loading and transshipment phases. Innolog™, Innotrack™ and Innocheck™ are designed to meet the needs of an increasingly intricate cold chain logistics, ensuring compliance with cold chain requirements.

The data loggers from Kelvin Solutions come ready-to-use, and are designed to be easily readable regardless of the destination country or the computer used to access the temperature reports. This simplicity ensures precise and reliable cold chain monitoring throughout the logistics journey.

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