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Innolog SU Data logger


The Innolog™ SU data logger is a state-of-the-art temperature-measuring device, meticulously validated at six points to ensure precise accuracy. Equipped with an innovative self-calibrating sensor, it guarantees reliable and consistent temperature readings for your critical applications.

Designed with durability in mind, the Innolog™ SU comes with waterproof packaging, safeguarding the device and data in challenging environments. Its robust build allows it to withstand various conditions, making it a trustworthy companion during transportation and storage.

For seamless tracking, each device is equipped with a barcode on an adhesive label, ensuring unambiguous identification between the logger and its corresponding delivery. This feature streamlines data management and enhances traceability for your valuable shipments.

Upgrade your temperature monitoring with the advanced Innolog™ SU Data Logger - your ultimate solution for accuracy, reliability, and convenience. Experience the future of temperature monitoring today!

How it works

It is an electronic device powered by a button battery (CR2450) that records temperature data through an internal digital sensor; it processes them through a microprocessor (CPU) and stores them in a RAM memory.


To enable and stop it, simply click on the dedicated button on the data logger.

The device is sold with a pre-installed temperature-sampling program. It is ready to use. If necessary, it is possible to request customization of the sampling times and the alarm thresholds.


Quality and user-friendliness

The electronic components are high quality: American sensor, European CPU and Japanese battery.

The product has been developed focusing on the regulatory demands and on the needs of the owner of the transported goods and of the users (the logistics operator and end customer).

In addition to the high quality, Innolog™ is also very operator-friendly. For example, the START/STOP button is easy to access; it is enabled by pressing lightly and does not need any complicated instruction booklets to be positioned correctly for use.

Enhanced memory

The Innolog™ data logger is equipped with a very powerful memory and stores a high volume of data: more than 13,200 with the pre-set program.

Immediate report and certificate validation

The data report is generated automatically when the data logger is turned off, and contains a graph and summary of the key data collected. To obtain the report, simply insert the USB  part of the Innolog™ data logger into the computer USB port and view and/or print the report as PDF and CSV file without the need for hardware and software to download  the data.

Each device is validated individually during the production phase.

The validation certificate is provided for each single device of the batch, in paper form and in electronic form inside each data logger.

Instant availability

Standard configuration data loggers are always available and  ready to be delivered within a few days from the order.

Product certifications

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Technical specifications

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The Innolog™ data loggers are advanced temperature measurement and monitoring devices specifically designed for the distribution chain. They excel in a wide range of key applications, including:


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