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In a world where demand for temperature-sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, fresh and frozen foods, as well as fruit, vegetables, flowers and plants, continues to grow, we understand the crucial importance of effective cold chain management. With ever-greater distances between production and consumption sites, logistics are becoming more complex, requiring temperature monitoring solutions tailored to each market.


That's why we've developed Innolog™ recorders, Innotrack™ and Innocheck™ indicators, specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of cold markets. These tools offer accurate temperature monitoring throughout transport and storage, guaranteeing product quality and safety, whatever the market.


Whether you're in the cut flower, pharmaceutical or fruit and vegetable industries, our products provide rigorous temperature monitoring, meeting the specific requirements of each market. Integrate our solutions into your HACCP self-monitoring system to reinforce food safety and guarantee full compliance with regulations. We help you maintain an efficient cold chain, preserving the freshness and value of your products, and giving you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

temperature data logger for fruits


Kelvin Solutions for precise temperature monitoring of food products in the cold chain.

temperature data logger for vaccines

Pharmaceutical logistics

Innolog™ and Innocheck™ products from Kelvin Solutions ensure compliant transport of heat-sensitive medicines.

temperature data logger for logistics

Cold logistics

Kelvin Solutions data loggers: worldwide simplicity for reliable cold chain monitoring

temperature data logger for flowers

Cut flowers and plants 

Kelvin Solutions provide plant & cut flower temperature monitoring with global PDF reporting.


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