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Preserving Floral Elegance: Temperature Monitoring in Cut Flower Logistics

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Temperature Monitoring Solutions for Cut flowers Logistics - Ensuring Optimal Freshness and Quality

In the European market, a significant proportion of cut flowers originates from Africa and Latin America, passing through the renowned Dutch flower market. The delicate nature of flowers makes temperature control and transport duration pivotal factors in preserving the ultimate quality of the end product. To achieve this, cut flowers are promptly stored at low temperatures after harvest, maintaining a dormant state and postponing blooming until they reach homes and customers.

Preserving Flower Quality: Importance of Cold Chain

Maintaining the quality of flowers heavily relies on swift transportation at a constant and controlled temperature. Abrupt temperature fluctuations, extreme heat, or cold can jeopardize the flowers' freshness and appearance. Therefore, adherence to the cold chain during transport proves instrumental in mitigating up to 90% of potential quality-related issues that might arise with cut flowers, which, in turn, could impact selling prices.

Freshness Preservation: Kelvin Solutions' Flower Monitoring Tools

At Kelvin Solutions, we offer indispensable tools for monitoring temperature consistency during the transportation and storage of cut flowers. Our Innolog™ and Innocheck™ products play a vital role in preserving the freshness and quality of these delicate blooms throughout the supply chain.

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