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Welcome to kELVIN SOLUTIONS Your Partner in Temperature Monitoring

At the core of our mission is a commitment to excellence and innovation. At Kelvin Solutions, we're dedicated to manufacturing state-of-the-art temperature monitoring solutions, specially designed to meet our customers' most rigorous needs. Our single-use temperature loggers are the result of meticulous expertise and cutting-edge technology, guaranteeing unrivalled reliability and accuracy.

With a balanced 50% presence in the French and export markets, we are deeply rooted in the global industrial network. This strategic spread enables us to understand and respond to the unique needs of our customers, whether they are located in France or operate on an international scale. Our commitment to innovation and quality keeps us at the forefront of the industry, providing our customers with temperature monitoring solutions that exceed their expectations

reefer container temperature control


Market Exploration: Our Dynamic Presence in France and Abroad

data logger in pharma and food

OUR products

Innovative Products for Easy and Accurate Temperature Monitoring

Solutions adapted to your needs

Whether you operate in the agribusiness, logistics or pharmaceutical sectors, we have tailor-made solutions to meet your specific needs. Our temperature loggers are designed to monitor environmental conditions efficiently throughout the supply chain, ensuring regulatory compliance and peace of mind.

Our customers include some of the world's leading companies in the agri-food, logistics and distribution sectors. These trusted partners are an integral part of our success, and bear witness to the unrivalled quality of our products and services. They include major market operators, all united by their relentless pursuit of quality and reliability in temperature monitoring throughout their supply chain.

Partners and Distributors

We work closely with distributors and export partners—some, like Klipspringer, CADENA DEL FRIO ® , Innolabel, or BioXtend, are locally or internationally renowned; others may be less well-known, but they all share a common trait: they are highly regarded professionals known for their expertise and professionalism in cold chain traceability. These strategic partnerships enable us to effectively serve our customers abroad and to proudly say that the sun never sets on our operations: there is not a minute in the world when a Kelvin Solutions logger, whether in a container, an insulated box, a refrigerated truck, on an airplane, or in a cold storage room, is not silently doing its job!


We are an international team of experienced professionals specializing in cold chain management. Our mission is to reduce food waste and guarantee the safety of the products you rely on. Thanks to our innovations, we offer complete traceability of temperature-sensitive products throughout the supply chain.
Our temperature monitoring solutions range from simple electronic indicators to real-time monitoring devices equipped with GPS, shock, light and humidity sensors. We adapt our technologies to your evolving needs, ensuring a tailored response to every cold chain traceability requirement.



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